After Disaster Our Greatest Resource is Each Other

Following the devastating hurricanes in 2018, The Disaster Services Corp., SVDP-USA is leading the way by encouraging those who can to support our Winter Coat and Toy Drive. Given the 80% chance of an El Nino forming this winter, The Disaster Services Corp., SVDP-USA is ensuring no one is without a coat, golves, and hat to protect against the forecasted cold. Reports are coming in that well over 500,00 families are unlikely to spend Christmas in thier homes, with whatever money they have going towards rebuilding their lives. The Disaster Services Corp., SVDP-USA has undertaken the mission to ensure that all children will have presents to open on Christmas morning, providing hope that 2019 will be a better year than 2018. To donate to our Winter Coat and Toy drive visit: 

The Disaster Services Corp., SVDP-USA is fueled by Vincentians from around the country, however we also rely on the kindness and giving from monetary donations. To support our efforts please visit our donations page and help us grow our impact in those communities most vulnerable. Our donation page can be found here: