Partnership in Puerto Rico

This week, Kevin Peach, Disaster Services Corporation’s Chief Operating Officer traveled to San Juan to attend the Team Rubicon Puerto Rico Celebration with members of the DSC Disaster Case Management Puerto Rico team. The event recognized the tremendous work that has been done to rebuild homes following the recent hurricanes. Reflecting on the trip, Mr. Peach shared “While DSC is known for their quality of work, I had no idea of the significant impact DSC has had on Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans. It was amazing to me to see people approaching our staff to thank them and for our partners to say that they could not have completed their mission without us. It caught me completely off guard.” Kevin shares his experience from the field. 
Over the past few years, DSC has strategically partnered with Team Rubicon, force multiplying the efforts on the ground and generating an enormous impact. It is with immense pride that DSC continues our partnership with Team Rubicon, working side-by-side with our nation’s veterans and civilians alike to provide unmatched service to those who havelost everything and to our country. The people of Puerto Rico and our partners continue to recognize DSC as a leader in disaster recovery but we need your help.
As we continue to tirelessly support the people of Puerto Rico, please consider donating to our efforts as we still have hundreds if not thousands of people who are in need of our services and support. You can donate here:
In addition, it is important to recognize the success of DSC’s cross-sector partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Last year, DSC established a partnership through the FEMA Valor program, where DSC and our partners inspect and assess damaged homes, then request resources from FEMA to repair or rebuild those homes. The program has been wildly successful, to the point where whenever Senators, Congressional personnel, or FEMA Senior Executives travel to Puerto Rico to evaluate the recovery progress, more time than not the first stop is the DSC and Team Rubicon work sites. 
On Wednesday, DSC visited the FEMA Recovery Field Office to discuss the FEMA Valor Program and future partnering opportunities. FEMA will visit the DSC office in two weeks to host a Valor kick-off meeting and training so that DSC and DSC partners can continue to leverage FEMA resources to rebuild and repair as many houses as possible. DSC continues to intake needs from over 12 municipalities, with the number of families registering with DSC growing every day! DSC is needed now more than ever, and we continue to serve every day with a team of over 80 DSC staff!
Pictured above, you see the DSC Disaster Case Management team pouring over cases after case, meticulously searching for resources to help families become whole again. This is no easy process, and we are so grateful to our Puerto Rico staff who sacrifice so much so often to put their clients above themselves. As the needs grow, so does our staff! With two offices in place in San Juan, we will need a third in no time! Please show your support for our Puerto Rico office and donate here: 
Mr. Kevin M. Peach is the COO of DSC and a former  management consultant with over ten years of experience in emergency management and public health. Mr. Peach has been recognized for his ability to effectively lead programs that address preparedness, protection, security, response, recovery, and mitigation. Having served in numerous capacities for various local, state, and federal agencies, Mr. Peach possesses extensive and diverse professional experience managing government organizations, which includes writing grants and winning federal and private funding for complex disaster projects and emergency management programs. 
Specifically, Mr. Peach has experience with the formulation and development of policies addressing the mobilization of resources during emergencies, public health crises, the preparation of emergency plans, and the coordination of emergency operations. Mr. Peach has served as a strategic advisor to the White House, National Security Council, FEMA, CDC, and a variety of states and local governments with an emergency management emphasis. He regularly advises municipal, regional, state, and federal officials as well as corporate executives on emergency management and public health issues and funding strategies.
Mr. Peach has composed Congressional testimony for the Assistant Administrator of Recovery for FEMA, asked to contribute to the evaluation of the National Health Security Strategy (NHSS), and advised the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force chaired by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which coordinated the federal investment of $60 billion passed by Congress.
Mr. Peach possesses comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and organizations that affect public health, preparedness, emergency management, and private sector activities in the United States. He has a proven ability to exercise leadership and manage a diverse and complex organization to protect the Nation from all hazards, including natural disasters, public health crises, terrorism, and other man-made disasters through a risk-based, comprehensive emergency management system of preparedness, protection, security, response, recovery, and mitigation.
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