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Vincentians have been responding to disasters since the U.S. Civil War era; we are one of the oldest non-profit organizations focused on disaster relief in the country. This passage from the Particular Council of New York on October 9, 1893 illustrates St Vincent de Paul’s long dedication to disaster work: “The recent storms which have passed over the Southern States on the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico have left in their train an amount of misery that is heartrending in the extreme, and cannot be realized unless by actual experience. The people appeal to us for aid…trusting that with the spirit of charity, which should actuate you as members of the Society, you will do all in your power to make the lot of those sufferers from the storms less hard to endure.”

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DSC supports the Society of St. Vincent de Paul-USA's Vincentian councils and isolated conferences in the United States and American territories. DSC provides logistical support, rapid response and long-term recovery grants to councils that are impacted by manmade and natural disasters. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is divided into 8 regions and each region is represented by a regional disaster representative that sits on the National Disaster Committee. Disaster representatives contact DSC when conferences are in need of grants or other programs to support their recovery efforts. 
Non-profits fill the gaps that the Federal, State, and local governments are unable to achieve. DSC is here to help navigate these important relief efforts so that you can continue to make efficient, positive impacts in your communities. The most prepared Vincentians will be able to recover quickly. Our support is needed throughout the United States and it all starts at the local level in your community. This act of preparedness will allow Vincentians to lead and provide much needed assistance in their communities until the official help arrives.

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