The Disaster Services Corporation, is a sister company to the National Society of Saint Vincent de Paul of the United States. We partner with our Councils and Conferences across the United States that is comprised of over 180,000 members. Many of our members in the Society are active in their communities providing social justice and social welfare programs to those who are suffering. Examples of programs our Vincentian partners support are pharmacies for the uninsured, medical programs for the uninsured, car donation programs, homeless shelters, workforce development programs, utilities support, food pantries, emotional and spiritual support, thrift stores that support their programs financially.

Once a disaster event occurs in communities where SVDP is in operation, many of the same community members that are supported through SVDP's good works come again for assistance in Disaster Recovery. Our Vincentian members and volunteers at that point roll into disaster recovery mode as they are well prepared and knowledgeaable on assisting those who are financially strained or seeking assistance and guidance. 

Please consider supporting our mission and volunteering with the Disaster Services Corporation in long term recovery. Disaster Services Corporation arrives on site in a disaster zone when all the dust has settled, the first responders have left, all the camera crews, and news journalists have moved on to the next big event. We stay with the community until the recovery is complete and sometimes that translates into several years. We need your help, your community needs your help, and you can have a direct impact in improving the lives of many. 

There are many roles in which you can volunteer:

  • You can support your community if locally if impacted by disaster
  • You can support your community locally by preparing in advance before a disaster strikes 
  • You can support other communities impacted by disaster locally by fundraising, gathering relief supplies, coordinating logistics for supplies and support to impacted areas
  • You can deploy to areas impacted by disaster and support a Rapid Response Team or a Parish Assistance Recovery Center 
  • You can take a leadership role within the Disaster Services Corporation and support your Regional Disaster Chair and help communities in your region impacted by disaster in their recovery

Please contact our office if you are interested in learning more about advocating on behalf of the Disaster Services Corporation, SVDP-USA or fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to commit your time.