About Us

Empowering Lives Amidst Adversity: Our Mission

The Disaster Services Corporation (DSC) stands as a Catholic lay organization with a resolute mission: to guide individuals facing situational poverty resulting from both natural and man-made disasters towards reclaiming their lives. Inextricably linked to the National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP), DSC is akin within the SVDP family. With roots tracing back to SVDP's establishment in France in 1833, disaster relief has been an inherent part of our shared legacy.

From Program to Independent Force

Over time, DSC operated as a vital program within SVDP. However, in 2017, DSC evolved into an independent 501(C3) non-profit entity. This transition retained our deep alignment and coordination with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, allowing us to offer a diverse array of programs designed to assist both Vincentians and Non-Vincentians alike. Our services span the entire disaster timeline—before, during, and after the event.


A Focus on Long-Term Recovery and Transformation

Central to our mandate is a focus on the critical aspect of long-term case management, extending our support long after the initial responders have departed. Our efforts center on addressing the holistic needs of individuals impacted by disasters, emphasizing the Society's enduring commitment to person-to-person support services. By championing systemic change within the realm of long-term recovery, we stand as a beacon of hope and assistance, paving the path to transformative renewal.

Guided by Compassion, United in Purpose

At the heart of our work lies the principle of compassionate action. Through the Disaster Services Corporation, we unite our efforts, channeling our shared mission to uplift lives from the shadows of adversity. With an unwavering commitment to supporting those most in need, we invite you to join us on this journey towards resilience, renewal, and lasting change.

DSC Functions

  • Deploys Regional Rapid Response Teams
  • Supports Disaster Recovery Centers known as Parish Recovery Assistance Centers (P-RACs)
  • Represents DSC at local Multi Agency Resource Centers
  • Provides Disaster Case Management to Impacted Families
  • Contracts for State and Private DCM Training
  • Assists with Long Term Recovery Efforts 
  • Furnishes Homes Through the House in the Box® Program
  • Established in Long Term Economic Recovery Program


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