About Us

The Disaster Services Corporation (DSC) is a Catholic lay organization that helps people in situational poverty brought about by natural and man-made disasters get their lives back in order. It is a sister company to the National Council of the United States Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP). SVDP has provided disaster relief since its founding in France in 1833. For many years, DSC operated as a program within SVDP. In 2017, DSC became an independent 501(C3) non-profit, still deeply aligned and coordinated with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, offering a variety of programs to assist Vincentians and Non-Vincentians alike before, during, and after disaster. The program focuses on the Society’s efforts regarding long-term case management needs of impacted people after all of the first-responder agencies have departed. The Disaster Services Corporation work is focused on systemic change in long term recovery through person to person support services.


DSC Functions

  • Deploys Regional Rapid Response Teams
  • Supports Disaster Recovery Centers known as Parish Recovery Assistance Centers (P-RACs)
  • Represents DSC at local Multi Agency Resource Centers
  • Provides Disaster Case Management to Impacted Families
  • Contracts for State and Private DCM Training
  • Assists with Long Term Recovery Efforts 
  • Furnishes Homes Through the House in the Box® Program
  • Established in Long Term Economic Recovery Program

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