About Us

The Disaster Services Corporation (DSC) is a Catholic lay organization that helps people in situational poverty as a result of natural and man-made disasters to get their lives back in order. In addition to DSC, local Vincentians (members) dedicate thousands of volunteer hours to help families impacted by natural disasters. DSC is a national non-profit that is a sister company to the National Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVDP), led by CEO, Elizabeth Disco-Shearer. The program focuses on the Society’s efforts regarding long-term case management needs of impacted people after all of the first-responder agencies have departed. The Disaster Services Corporation work is focused on systemic change in long term recovery through person to person support services

DSC Functions

  • Deploys Regional Rapid Response Teams
  • Supports Disaster Recovery Centers known as Parish Recovery Assistance Centers (P-RACs)
  • Represents DSC at local Multi Agency Resource Centers
  • Provides Disaster Case Management to Impacted Families
  • Contracts for State and Private DCM Training
  • Assists with Long Term Recovery Efforts 
  • Furnishes Homes Through the House in the Box® Program
  • Established in Long Term Economic Recovery Programs