Disaster Case Management Program

Guiding Disaster Recovery: Our Enduring Commitment

For decades, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been at the forefront of leading and coordinating Disaster Case Management programs in various capacities. One powerful illustration of our commitment is the compassionate service Vincentians provide through home visits, fostering person-to-person connections. As time has progressed, the Disaster Services Corp, SVDP-USA, has elevated its approach by standardizing forms and training for Disaster Case Management. This evolution has been driven by the imperative to align with National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), state, and FEMA requisites.

A Proven Record of Success

The Disaster Services Corp (DSC) has achieved remarkable success, securing federal subcontracts and consistently delivering required outcomes. Our Disaster Case Management (DCM) programs stand as a cornerstone of long-term disaster recovery. They play a pivotal role in guiding families through the intricacies of federal and state recovery programs, ensuring access to funds from Voluntary Organizations. Furthermore, DSC's adept Disaster Case Managers help our client families chart their path to recovery over the 9-24 months following a disaster. These professionals advocate tirelessly for their clients, challenging adverse decisions from federal entities, state bodies, private insurers, and other pivotal recovery funding decision-makers.

Patrice home visit

A Comprehensive Approach to Disaster Management

Disaster management is a multifaceted process that involves not only responding to disasters, but also proactively preparing for them. It encompasses strategic resource allocation to mitigate the impact of disasters and entails a systematic method for managing disaster-related responsibilities—ranging from prevention and preparedness to response and recovery. The core of our approach lies in Disaster Case Management, a fully funded initiative by FEMA, executed through individual state Emergency Management offices, and implemented by Endeavors during the critical initial six months. This program thrives on a collaborative partnership between a dedicated case manager and a disaster survivor, uniting efforts to craft and execute a personalized, comprehensive long-term recovery plan.

Learn More about Our Disaster Case Management Programs

Should you wish to delve deeper into the impact and workings of our Disaster Case Management Programs, we invite you to connect with our Chief Program Officer, Anthony Pluchino, at Apluchino@svdpdisaster.org. Your curiosity fuels our mission to assist disaster survivors on their journey to recovery.