Disaster Case Management Program

The Society has led and coordinated Disaster Case Management programs in various forms for decades. One example is the work that Vincentians do on home visits providing person to person service.  In more recent times, Disaster Services Corp, SVDP-USA has standardized its forms and training for Disaster Case Management to meet National VOAD, state, and FEMA requirements.  DSC has been successful in being awarded federal subcontracts and in producing the required outcomes.  DCM programs are one of the most critical aspects of long-term disaster recovery, because they help families navigate the bureaucracy of federal and state recovery programs and access Voluntary Organizations’ funds.  Additionally, DSC’s Disaster Case Managers assist our client families in developing their long-term recovery plan--a roadmap for where each family will be 9-24 months after the disaster.  Disaster Case Managers also advocate for their clients, and appeal adverse decisions of federal, state, private insurers, and other recovery funding decision-makers.