House in a Box™ Program

Program Overview: The House in a Box Program™ is one of the most well-known programs of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. House in a Box™ provides new furniture and furnishings to families that have lost everything because of disasters. Families are reviewed and referred to the program through a Disaster Case Management process that ensures that there is no duplication of benefits.
Traditional HIB Program: DSC buys furniture and furnishings in volume through pre-screened vendors, so that it can provide a starter household furniture kit at a greatly reduced price. All logistics for the House in a Box™ Program are handled by the Disaster Services Corporation. Survivors that have the least resiliency for recovery will receive assistance through a House in a Box™ setup and/or additional in-kind donations. SVDP works with Disaster Case Managers to assess the survivors with preference given to those individuals who meet the following criteria: Low income, individuals/families that are likely to receive inequitable resources and services, special and functional needs, elderly on fixed income, uninsured or underinsured, single parents with limited income, and survivors who have multiple unmet needs and are unable to recover without Disaster Case Management.

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Virtual HIB Program: Disaster Services Corporation leverages national and international partnerships to support our state and local partners to meet the home furnishing needs of the most vulnerable disaster survivors across the nation. We leverage the power of blockchain which enables fast and instant disbursements to survivors via digital identificationImage, operationalizing equity by integrating equity into all aspects of disaster relief and humanitarian aid, empowering marginalized communities by providing access to funding and resources.
The virtual HIB provides transparency of decisions, data, and disbursements to assist DSC in identifying the most vulnerable in their community and amplifying support for community serving organizations and survivors.
In partnership with Amazon, for the first time ever, has created a unique API for a disaster recovery solution which will help streamline procurement and assist in last mile delivery of home goods.
Program Outcomes: The goal of the program is to provide new household items for families who have lost everything as a result of natural disasters and who are forced into situational poverty. The “House in a Box™” gives dignity to families in crisis as it gives them a new start and fresh start. All families receive the same new items which are packaged for efficiency of delivery. The program is scalable to the size of the family and starts at $3,200 for a family of four.

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What is in a House In A Box? One package includes: beds, linens, dishes, pots and pans, dressers, silverware, bathroom setup, dinette and a couch.
Support the House In A Box Program: Please consider sponsoring a family and supporting our mission.
Note: While we have several House in a Box™ Programs managed throughout the United States at one given time, our program is not in operation in all disaster zones throughout the United States. There are many requirements for a local council and conference to establish the start of a program in their community. Please be aware that this is a large collaborative effort with the local community, as fundraising at the local level is required. There is a Disaster Case Management vetting process that is established to determine who is approved to receive a House in a Box™ kit and who will not be approved. This is determined through the vetting process and the most severe cases are given first priority. It is further determined by the amount of funds raised for a local community. Unfortunately, not all community members with the greatest need will be granted a House in a Box™ for this reason. Again, to reiterate, we only purchase House in a Box™ kits based on the amount of funds that the community is able to fundraise. If you are unsure if you have a House in a Box® program in your area, please reach out to your nearest St. Vincent de Paul Conference for further inquiry.
Contact: SVDP Councils and other agencies, inquiring about the House in a Box™ Program can email Kevin Peach at