House in a Box™ Program

Program Overview

Discover the House in a Box Program™ – an esteemed initiative by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. The House in a Box™ program offers a ray of hope to families devastated by disasters, providing them with new furniture and furnishings. Through a meticulous Disaster Case Management process, families are identified and referred to the program, ensuring efficient and equitable assistance without redundancy.

Conventional HIB Program

Experience our Traditional House in a Box™ Program. We secure furniture and furnishings in bulk from trusted vendors, enabling us to create starter household furniture kits at significantly reduced prices. All logistical aspects are handled by the Disaster Services Corporation. Those facing the greatest challenges in recovery are prioritized, receiving House in a Box™ setups and additional in-kind donations. Working alongside Disaster Case Managers, we focus on individuals and families with low income, inequitable resource access, special needs, fixed incomes, and more.

Revolutionizing HIB: House in a Box™ Goes Digital

Step into the future with our Virtual House in a Box™ Program. In collaboration with national and international partners, the Disaster Services Corporation aids state and local partners in fulfilling the furnishing needs of vulnerable disaster survivors nationwide. We harness the power of blockchain to facilitate swift and secure disbursements to survivors through digital identification. Equity takes center stage in disaster relief, uplifting marginalized communities by granting them access to resources and funding. The virtual House in a Box™ program ensures transparency in decision-making, data sharing, and disbursements, amplifying support for both survivors and community-serving organizations.

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Unprecedented Collaboration with Amazon

Introducing an unprecedented collaboration with Amazon – an exclusive API for disaster recovery solutions. This innovation streamlines procurement and aids in the seamless last-mile delivery of essential home goods.

Program Outcomes

Our mission is clear: Provide new household essentials to families thrust into situational poverty by natural disasters. The House in a Box™ initiative restores dignity to families in crisis, offering them a fresh start with standardized new items efficiently packaged for delivery. This scalable program, starting at $3,200 for a family of four, empowers families to rebuild their lives.

House in a Box™ is Digitized


House in a Box™ Unveiled: What's Inside?

Delve into the contents of a House in a Box™. Each package includes beds, linens, dishes, cookware, dressers, silverware, bathroom essentials, dining sets, and a comfortable couch.

Supporting the Cause: Sponsor a Family

Join us in our mission by sponsoring a family. Your support fuels our commitment to make a meaningful impact.

Important Note: Local Initiatives and Vetting Process

While House in a Box™ programs operate across the United States, they're not available in all disaster zones. Establishing a program requires collaboration within local communities, including fundraising efforts. Our Disaster Case Management process ensures those in dire need receive priority. Community funding determines the availability of House in a Box™ kits, highlighting the importance of local contributions.To qualify for benefits in a specific State, it is necessary to have experienced a disaster as a survivor in that particular State, specifically for a disaster covered through our project funding. This requirement is dictated by the grant stipulations and conditions imposed by our funders, which we diligently adhere to in our operations.

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For inquiries about the House in a Box™ Program, SVDP Councils, and other agencies can reach out to Kevin Peach at

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