Florida Disaster Case Management Program

The DSC Florida Recovery Program is now closed out. 

If you should need assistance, please contact Anthony Pluchino, Chief Programs Officer, at Apluchino@svdpdisaster.org or at (202) 924-6199. 

Volunteer Florida administered the Michael Disaster Case Management Program (DCMP) to address the needs of the survivors from Hurricane Michael. There were only three regions for this DCMP with DSC-SVDP-USA being awarded two of the three regions. Our Disaster Case Management (DCM) teams worked very closely with the Long Term Recovery Groups (LTRGs) in the various counties to address the unmet needs of the survivors.

•DSC SVDP served 11 of the 12 counties affected by Hurricane Michael.
•There were 552 clients served across all counties.
•The total value of services provides to date is $ 3,546,930.30.
•DSC has worked very closely with the Gulf County LTRG and the Inland Tri-County LTRGs in providing case management assistance as well  as materials.
•The top Unmet need  was with Repair/Rebuild  and Housing assistance with services provided in the amount of $2,692,718.44.
•In addition, DSC was able to provide through separate grants Household Goods of Furniture and Appliances in the amount of $ 318,278.95  for services provided.
•DSC developed a special partnership  with Good360 where the provided Donation in kind material such as mattresses, general household goods, flooring, asphalt shingles with an estimated value of over $ 200k.
•DSC SVDP was awarded Lowes Reconstruction grants in the amount of $25k and $35k respectively.
•DSC SVDP was also awarded a $200k grant from American Red Cross for our furniture program where DSC was able to process, order and deliver via online and other communication methods.
•Developed process for virtual case management via remote server.
•Assisted 201 Direct housing clients in find new permanent housing, repairs or purchasing trailers.
•Utilized the CAN DB platform for case management.

FEMA DR# : 4337 FL