Our Comprehensive Approach to Disaster Case Management and Community Support

For decades, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been a beacon of compassion, leading Disaster Case Management programs with a focus on person-to-person connections through home visits. As our commitment has evolved, so has our approach. The Disaster Services Corp, SVDP-USA, now sets the standard for Disaster Case Management, aligning with national and state requisites, and working in partnership with FEMA.

A Proven Record of Success

The Disaster Services Corp., SVDP-USA (DSC) has a track record of remarkable success, securing federal subcontracts and consistently delivering required outcomes. Our Disaster Case Management (DCM) programs are integral to long-term disaster recovery, guiding families through federal and state recovery programs, ensuring access to funds from Voluntary Organizations. Our adept Disaster Case Managers advocate tirelessly, challenging decisions from various entities to ensure the best outcomes for our client families.

A Comprehensive Approach to Disaster Management

Disaster management involves more than just responding to disasters; it requires proactive preparation. Our comprehensive approach, rooted in Disaster Case Management, is fully funded by FEMA and executed through state Emergency Management offices. Implemented by Endeavors during the initial six critical months, this program fosters a collaborative partnership between a dedicated case manager and a disaster survivor to craft and execute a personalized, comprehensive long-term recovery plan.

Learn More about Our Disaster Case Management Programs

To delve deeper into the impact and workings of our Disaster Case Management Programs, connect with our Chief Program Officer, Anthony Pluchino, at Apluchino@svdpdisaster.org or our Deputy Program Officer, Patrice Relf at Prelf@svdpdisaster.org. Your curiosity fuels our mission to assist disaster survivors on their journey to recovery.

Interested in Helping Out?

The Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey Disaster Case Management Programs exemplify our commitment to aiding communities. Currently, we are actively involved in assisting households affected by Hurricane Ida, severe storms, and flooding. Join us in making a difference by contributing to our ongoing efforts.

Pennsylvania Disaster Case Management Program

DSC SVDP-USA is administering services to 125 households affected by Hurricane Ida across Bucks, York, and Montgomery counties. Through comprehensive outreach initiatives and partnerships with local grassroots organizations, we are addressing critical needs identified by the affected households, contributing $819,880.20 to the overall recovery process.

Michigan Disaster Case Management Program

Assisting 335 households affected by severe storms and flooding in Wayne and Macomb counties, our Disaster Case Managers have administered $561,001.16 in services to address critical needs and support survivors on their path to recovery.

New Jersey Disaster Case Management Program

Engaged in supporting recovery efforts in 12 counties affected by Hurricane Ida, we are actively assisting 495 households. With a focus on housing reconstruction, large appliances, furniture, and rental assistance, DSC SVDP-USA has allocated $738,676.14 in services to aid Hurricane Ida recovery efforts.

Florida Disaster Case Management Program for Hurricane Ian

Awarded Groups 2 and 3, DSC SVDP is actively providing Disaster Case Management Program services in designated counties for Hurricane Ian recovery. Join us in supporting survivors on their journey to recovery.


At Disaster Services Corp, SVDP-USA, we are dedicated to guiding disaster recovery with compassion, expertise, and an enduring commitment to those in need.