Our Partners

Driving Collaborative Action Nationwide

The reach of the Disaster Services Corporation spans across the entirety of the United States, serving as a dynamic representative of SVDP-USA within a diverse spectrum of stakeholders. Our role extends to Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), state and federal government entities, policy makers, and invaluable funding partners.

Building Together for Resilient Communities

The strength of our impact lies in the robust partnerships we forge. These collaborative efforts involve partners who generously contribute their time, extend in-kind support, share their visionary ideas, volunteer their expertise, and engage in collaborative endeavors that span a broader perspective. Working at this elevated 20 thousand-foot view, we collectively endeavor to construct more resilient communities, standing tall in the wake of disaster events.

Your Invitation to Partnership

If your organization or company shares our commitment to building stronger communities and envisions a world where recovery and rebuilding thrive after disaster strikes, we welcome you to explore partnership opportunities with us. Your involvement adds another layer of strength to our mission, propelling us forward in our pursuit of impactful change. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our office to initiate a conversation about how we can collaborate for a brighter future.


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