Disaster Survivor Kathy Perry's Story

Kathy Perry from Bremen, KY

Kathy Perry is a young widow who lost her husband a couple of years ago. The night of the tornado she had just gotten home when her neighbor called and told her a huge tornado was headed their way and to get to his house fast. Within four minutes she had gathered her dog and drove down the road to his home. By the time she got there the tornado was upon them. She joined her neighbors in a building all laying on the floor under a two ton truck. They could hear the wind raging and debris flying through the air. It was over in a matter of seconds.

The group went outside, "The silence was deafening, then you could hear the sounds of people screaming and moaning in pain. All of us went off in different directions to see how we could help. I found one of my neighbors, an older woman, laying under a bunch of debris, I was able to move some of it off of her. She died in my arms."

Kathy commented, "The outpouring of help, of love, has been overwhelming. This program, House in a Box, gives me such a sense of relief."